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Skylla Global Ltd. was established in 2015 and expanded vigorously in the field of export, contracting and logistic services. In short time, Skylla Global has become the skillfull exporter of Turkey construction material manufacturers from ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary wares, aluminium profile, barells and antique marbles.

Today, Skylla Global is one of important exporter companies of industrial ceramic tiles, porcelains, antique marbles in Turkey. We carry over 25 brands to several countries.

Our activities are based on mutual understanding, trust and cooperation with our customers. With the high quality and reliability of our services, we have always been able to fulfill our customers' requirements and establish long-term relationships with our clients from all over Turkey.


In a highly competitive market, Skylla Global is committed to providing its unique client with the highest quality and distinctive services (starting from sea-freights, air-cargo, land freight, custom clearance and etc.).
Skylla Global stands tor value, confidence and premium quality

Mission & Vision: Our Goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing unique products, brands and designs. Skylla Global strives to become the hub for gathering the architects, designers and valued customer in one spot, where all tastes, classed and categories are met. On logistic, we envision maintaining the same credibility in the market by providing the best services to our valued clients who are in need of it around the clock. Providing better results with minimum costs is our vision.



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We are glad to serve you where you are and whenever you want.

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